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The Golf Religion® Brand

the fans corner

Comfort and looking good is important. I have both the blue and white polos. Two of my favorite gamers for sure.

Tim S. (Scottsdale, AZ)

These polos are so comfortable and the hoodie lets me rep the brand around the fire pit. Great Job!

Steve H. (Albany, NY)

Love the brand, love the idea, and love that this is a veteran owned golf brand. I'm a fan!

David H. (Austin, TX)

My husband had to have the hoodie after I got him a polo. The brand name is a big hit here in Oklahoma.

Sara J. (Norman, OK)

Came across the site by accident, but glad I did. Shirts are really comfortable and don't hang up on you when swinging on a hot day.

Tim L. (New Hartford, CT)

Yep I get it. Something about this game that is so addictive. Just started playing a few years ago, but I'm a lifer. Have both the red and navy sweaters along with the white polo.

Bryan P. (Pittsburgh, PA)